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BPH Supplements

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia, benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH, is a non- cancerous condition where in the prostate gland abnormally grows into a size that already causes blockage in the urethra. This is said to cause pestering urinary symptoms like urinary incontinence, urine retention, nocturia and dysuria, all of which leads to renal failure if not treated immediately. The availability of various treatments like BPH supplements, medications and surgeries makes this condition easier to deal with.

It is a common knowledge that there is not one treatment that would work for everybody. Every treatment depends on the person’s symptoms, predispositions, and general health status. Some men who show minor symptoms of BPH may get better by altering some of their habits like reducing or avoiding caffeine intake, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and get into physical activities. Some who show moderate symptoms may be treated with supplementation and medications while more severe conditions may need surgery.

Many affected men seek for alternative treatments for their condition like BPH supplements. This is due to the fact that drugs have side effects which some men cannot tolerate like headaches and nausea, and because some of them resent the idea of taking medications. Besides consumers, some urologists also consider herbal supplements as a possible alternative treatment. They say that these products given as an option for men who have more than one condition to deal with, to those who are old enough and cannot filter the toxins that come with medications, and to those who choose it over drugs.

The most common contents of these natural supplements are extracts from plants like African plum, saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds and Plantago seeds. The potent formula is said to be effective in treating BPH because of its ability to reduce inflammation, promote urine flow, reduce the risks of prostatic carcinoma development, and improve hormonal balance without any severe side effects especially in the kidneys.

Men who want to try BPH supplements as an option for treatment are advised to check with their doctors first. Careful assessments and several tests have to be done before planning out a treatment. These practitioners may give you various options as treatment and will provide information regarding their effects and possible side effects if necessary. As a patient, it is your obligation to let a doctor know significant information like medications you are taking or other conditions that you have. This will then reduce your risks of developing any problems or worsening your condition.

BPH Supplements

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  • BPH Supplements
  • BPH Supplements

BPH Supplements

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